: Money Talks w. Morgan Middleton

Completing your FAFSA every year is extremely important! Join us as we discuss all things FAFSA, understanding your financial aid package, and potential changes to your FAFSA due to COVID-19 with Morgan Middleton from the

Mindfulness Scavenger Hunt

Court of Carolina (top steps)

Practice being in the present while engaging in a nature scavenger hunt!

: Building Credit

Your credit score is extremely important in regards to many of the financial decisions you have to make in life after college. LaDarius Satterwhite will be joining us to discuss building your credit and the

: Work That Muscle: Using Strengths to Enhance Academics

Your Clifton Strengths talents go far beyond personal characteristics. Your strengths can be applied to almost any area of your life but most importantly your academics! Let's explore some new ways to enhance your learning