Beyond the Bell Tower – Season 2

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Episode 19, Bri Elum

As a first-generation student, Bri recalls the days and weeks leading up to the start of her first year of college and first months on campus. These days were filled with uncertainty, and she was afraid to ask questions. Every day, she continued to realize how much she didn’t know. Fast forward now, she screams to the top of my lungs with joy “I am a proud first generation college student” because that has indeed shaped her experience in undergrad and graduate school. Bri has not let anything “dim her light” and she wants you to do the same. Bri Elum is Community Director for University Housing.

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Episode 20, Joelle Fuchs

Joelle shares the good and bad of her four years at NC State. Engaging in undergraduate research and benefiting from a cast of female mentors have been her motivating force. She excelled in research studying the effects of BPA on the brain and was selected for summer research at Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health, which ranks first in the country. But, during that time, she had no possibility of securing housing when she returned to campus – making her homeless. Joelle not only shares more of her experiences excelling in school while being food and housing insecure, but offers solutions. Moving forward, Joelle is going to continue with a career in research – to find the answers to the problems she experienced.

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Episode 21, Clay Chaney

Clay Chaney is the TRIO resident meteorologist. Currently a TV Weather Center Intern for WRAL local TV station, Clay covered Hurricane Florence and Michael, creating a weather graphic of Hurricane Florence that had over 1 million views and 15,000 shares on social media. In this episode, Clay shares the literal sweat and tears he shed to reach his goal of being a storm chaser. He relied on Greek life, intramural sports, undergraduate research and TRIO to be the first one in his family to graduate college and go onto graduate school. We do wish him luck to reach another goal, winning a championship in intramural flag football.

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