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About SSS Programs


TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) and Student Support Services STEM (SSS-STEM) students achieve and maintain high levels of academic excellence. SSS and SSS-STEM participants are recognized leaders and are involved in professional development, personal growth experiences, and community engagement activities.

Through the SSS and SSS-STEM programs, students are introduced to university resources, faculty and administrators, dedicated peer tutors and committed program professionals. SSS and SSS-STEM offers supplemental tutoring, academic skills development, and specialized services to assist students in developing necessary skills and strategies to succeed in college.

All services are free and available to any student who completes the application, qualifies under federal guidelines, and is invited into the program.

Benefits & Services

  • Academic, career and personal coaching
  • Academic skills workshops
  • Assistance with financial aid and scholarship applications
  • Collaborative study support
  • Cultural and educational events
  • Employment and professional development opportunities
  • Financial and economic literacy education
  • Graduate and professional program application assistance
  • Resource referrals
  • Supplemental tutorial support

Academic Coaching and Support

Personal and academic support is available on both an individual and group basis. Students are encouraged to participate in a scheduled meeting at least once in the first 8-weeks of the semester and again towards the end of the term.  A full-time staff member is assigned to work directly with each student. The contact is frequent and continuous throughout the student’s tenure at the University, and can cover issues such as attendance and course work, the financial aid application process, academic coaching, college policies, grades, finding employment, and applications to graduate school.  The student’s Academic Coach is not meant to take the place of the student’s departmental or college Academic Advisor but is here to enhance their experience on campus.

The Academic Coach will:

  • Encourage and support participants as they work towards meeting academic and financial requirements to ensure successful progression toward graduation
  • Assist in establishing goals and help participants track progress towards those goals
  • Explain academic policies and procedures to the best of their knowledge
  • Offer suggestions to aid in the decision-making process, assisting the student in the development of educational plans
  • Identify campus resources to aid in their academic, career, financial and personal progress.
  • Collaborate with other campus departments to ensure academic success and to facilitate comprehensive student support
  • Create a safe, positive and inclusive environment in which participants are free to explore ideas and interest regarding personal, academic and career goals
  • Encourage engagement in University and community activities
  • Be available to answer questions through scheduled meetings or email

Supplemental Tutorial Support

Each semester, a bank of tutors are hired and trained to provide tutoring in most major academic areas. These tutors are available to all program students whenever the student or the student’s counselor deems that additional study, remediation, or review is necessary for the academic success of the student. Tutors are available in most subject areas and have the opportunity to work consecutively with the assigned student.

Financial Aid Advisement

Student Support Services and Student Support Services STEM participants receive assistance from Academic Coaches to ensure that both federal and college financial aid forms are correctly completed and filed before deadlines, thus insuring continued and necessary financial aid.


Academic Coaches organize a variety of workshops, seminars and group counseling sessions, which address topics such as budgeting to debt load, financial aid, test anxiety, stress management, substance abuse, career exploration, nutrition, healthy living and study skills. Other group sessions may be arranged depending on the needs of participants.