Beyond the Bell Tower – Season 6

Episode 52: Mike Ferrell

Listen to this great episode where we sit down with Mike Ferrell of Ferrell 27 Creative Media to talk about his journey as an entrepreneur. Mike, an NC State alum, talks about his time here at NC State and his transition to the professional world. He also mentions the challenges that he overcame when it was time to start his own business while giving advice to any young mind who is interested in going down a similar path. Finally, Mike and Josh hit on an important topic in today’s world when they talk about mental health. Listen to how Mike takes care of his mental health and how he overcomes the stigma associated with it.

Listen to Mike’s Interview

Episode 53: Morgan Alexander and Mya McDowell

Morgan Alexander and Mya McDowell are both seniors at NC State. They discuss their college experiences here at NC State and how they found themselves in leadership roles. They also discuss tips that help them to be effective leaders as women. Mya talks about her experience as a Goodnight Scholar and how she has managed balancing her academics with her social life. Morgan talks about the pressures behind being the President of the Uninhibited Praise Gospel Choir here at NC State, and how she finds pleasure in building relationships with the people that she leads in the choir. Lastly, find out what they look forward to in terms of their futures as graduating seniors, and where they see themselves in the coming years. You don’t want to miss this episode!

Listen to Morgan and Mya’s Interview