Student Support Services


trio-sss-slider-01-edited-choppedTRIO Student Support Services Program (SSS) and Student Support Services STEM (SSS-STEM) are college retention and degree completion programs centered around academic, personal and career support for under-resourced undergraduate students.  Nationally, TRIO SSS Programs provide opportunities for academic development, assist students in meeting college requirements, and serve to motivate students toward successful completion of their college degree.

The NC State TRIO Student Support Services Program (SSS) and Student Support Services STEM (SSS-STEM) strive to encourage and enhance educational opportunities for undergraduate students by providing academic and personal support to enhance academic skills, increase retention and graduation rates, and as appropriate, facilitate entrance into graduate and professional programs.

SSS and SSS-STEM provide opportunities for academic and personal development by assisting students with college requirements, motivating students toward the successful completion of their post-secondary education and promoting graduate school enrollment through individualized coaching and tutoring, at no cost to the student.  At TRIO SSS and SSS-STEM, our goal is helping our students reach their goals.

The TRIO SSS and SSS-STEM Program serves 260 students annually.