Student Support Services

TRIO Student Support Services Program (SSS) and Student Support Services STEM (SSS-STEM) are federally funded college retention and completion programs. These programs focus on academic, personal, and career support for under-resourced undergraduate students.

Nationally, TRIO SSS Programs provide opportunities for academic development, assist students in meeting college requirements, and motivate students toward successful completion of their college degree.

SSS and SSS-STEM provide academic and personal development opportunities. These opportunities assist students with college requirements motivate students toward to complete their college education and promote graduate school enrollment. Opportunities include individualized coaching and academic tutoring at no cost to the student.

The TRIO SSS and SSS-STEM Program serves 260 students annually.

2018-19 TRIO Peer Mentors Announced

We would like to announce our TRIO Peer Mentors for 2018-19.  Our Peer Mentors will serve and support new incoming transfer and first-year TRIO SSS and SSS-STEM students at NC State University through one-on-one meetings,