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SSS Tutorial Program

TRIO SSS Tutorial Program will sustain the SSS Mission of increasing the academic standing, progress toward degree and graduation rate of all participants by:

Providing SSS Tutoring Program Resources and Services To:

  1. Participants who have yet to earn 60 credits at NCSU.
  2. Participants at risk for not maintaining Good Academic Standing and/or Progressing Toward Degree based upon University guidelines.

SSS Tutor Program Staff, Services and Resources Will:

  1. Support and refer participants to utilize the multitude of academic and tutoring resources and services offered by many departments and instructors on campus.
  2. Provide trained and proficient individual and small group tutoring free of charge with the goal of introducing, creating opportunities to practice, reinforcing and evaluating necessary academic skills thereby creating a strong foundation for an academically successful career at NC State.
  3. Promote independent learning, application of skills and growth of supportive academic network leading to academic, career and professional success at NC State and beyond.

SSS & SSS-STEM Scholars will be provided the link to request tutoring. If needed, scholars can contact the tutor coordinator (Kyle Blochl,