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TRIO SSS Alumni Spotlight

Kia Battle, ’14
Poole College of Management
Business Administration with a double concentration in Finance and Human Resources

Hometown:  Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Where do you currently work? What is your position?
I work at RSM US LLP, and I am an Assurance Associate.

What were some of the biggest challenges that you faced while a student at NC State?
Being a student leader within my organizations while taking on difficult classes was one of the biggest challenges for me. I had to figure out what was the best way to maintain everything.

What advice do you have for our current TRIO SSS students at NC State?
I cannot stress how important it is to ask questions. Even now in my current role, I have to ask questions, get help learning new things, and planning/prioritizing my schedule on a daily basis.

What are the future goals that you have for yourself?
Finish my CPA license. Looking to purchase my first home. I have started writing a fiction novel, so definitely continue that. Just experiencing life and continuing to learn as much as I can!

How did TRIO SSS help you while you were a student here? How might you encourage our program students to take advantage of the resources we offer through the program?
TRIO was a GREAT support system for me. From Sarah, to having tutors, to attending programs, and even having the opportunity to lead sessions at programs was a major key to my development.
Take advantage of all the opportunities you can with TRIO SSS. Communication with them is important, because they are helping you! It is a great way to network with other students and you get to experience many things.

What was your best memory from your time at NC State?
This is a hard one, there are many great memories! I think I would say my first year as a whole. I met my best friends at orientation. I became involved in an organization that was a different cultures from my own and went out of my comfort zone to perform a dance in front of people. I took public speaking which I hate to do, but did great in the class. I can go know and on. Each year was truly special.

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